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Welcome Word

Welcome to Sands Resort and Thank you for stopping by!

Sands represents an integrative concept that allows for a serene, laid-back, and dynamic surrounding environment.
It's a place that nurtures both the body and the soul, and we're dedicated to delivering high-quality service to our residents.

About Our Resort

Sands Resort offers an unparalleled exclusive residential experience with its high-end townhouses, granting residents a spectacular view of Sidi Abdel Rahman's magnificent sea view.

Hotel Rooms
Car Parking

Our Mission

Comfort Living

Featuring a cozy approach to design and decor, it is the perfect spot for tranquil and comfortable living.

Committed to Excellence

A perfect destination for a contemporary gateway with gorgeous sights of wonderful landscapes.

Quality Service

A host of modern facilities, pools and community activities, making Sands a prime choice for living.

Attention to Detail

Designed to provide an engaging, vibrant experience and to give our residents a heightened sense of living.

What People Say

The simplicity provided in the atmosphere makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. The staff is extremely friendly, and they help in making your stay comfortable.

Mark Stivens

Mark Stivens


This place is spectacular! I enjoyed the whole experience, so I rate it 5 stars. If you are going to Sands, I recommend that you book a room in the hotel it’ll give you a unique experience.

Amir Ezzat

Amir Ezzat


Sands is a fabulous resort in the north coast of Egypt. It has plenty of options, you can stay at the hotel or you can rent a townhouse.
Totally recommend the place!

Sara Emad

Sara Emad

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